Sunday, 25 September 2011

Barney Cake........

Got my first cake order.........My darling nephew turned 2 yesterday and I was the chosen one to bake his b'day cake. Being a big barney fan , he wanted a barney cake. I tried my hand at making fondant, again, and this time it turned out just the way I wanted. I made both, fondant with marshmallow and with liquid glucose.If you are not familiar with fondant, it's something like marzipan that is used in decorating cakes.It is called the baker's play dough , simply because you can use it that way. It's like edible clay. You can roll it, cut it into shapes, mold it whichever way you like..In my experience, fondant made with marshmallow,is excellent for covering a cake.It doesn't tear easily and is easier to handle. The fondant made with liquid glucose however is nice for making shapes and molding....... I have to thank fellow blogger nivi for introducing me to marshmallow fondant.

It was to be a barney cake, but I wanted to play safe and so finally barney made his presence in the cake with a cut out picture. But the rest of the cake was all edible and I was really happy with the result. So here's a sneak peak and the recipe will be up soon. It wasn't the easiest thing to do but not that difficult either. It just needed some patience and time.......


  1. Looove it :) Glad I was a teeensy part of making you try out fondant again :) I'm gearing up for glucose fondant shortly, thanks to you letting me know where I could get liquid glucose :)

  2. Kudos Rona!!! love ur blog. way to go gal!!!