Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Ham, cheese, hamburger.......

So I walked into this store famous for its footlong and rolls and I wondered if I really needed to eat it out there or I could just make it at home. All you need are fresh ingredients, easily available sauces and a nice soft bread roll. . So I tried and I succeeded and now I never need to go into that store again. .
This is not even a recipe, anyway this is all I did. Cut the roll in the centre. Place lettuce leaves. Over the leaves place chopped cabbage, onion, black olives, sliced tomatoes, green and yellow bell peppers, and meat of your choice. I used smoked ham. You can use salami, sausages, tuna, or just the veggies will be great. Drizzle mayo and mustard on the top and in it goes to your mouth. Its makes a perfect breakfast or lunch.

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