Monday, 10 September 2012

Grilled Fish in Lemon Butter Sauce

Dear readers.......... I'm back..  . . with some fish this time......... I am trying to update more often. . Unfortunately I go through ' I forgot to take photos, didn't write down recipe,' phasess a lil too often.. But no more. . On the suggestion of a friend, I now leave my camera percehd on my kitchen shelf perpetually, and take as many photos as I cook. .
So masterchef Australia in the air, and I am such a big fan. . Don't know if fan is the word or addict. . Coz I love watching it, and if I could , I'd catch the repeat telecast on the weekends too. Sigh . . .
So, having watched it faithfully for weeks now, how can I not be influenced. . If not tyring out some fancy dishes, I definitely am inspired to name them something fancy. . . ha ha. . Like chicken coconut curry would rightly be called spiced chicken poached in coconut milk .. Soooooo masterchefy. .
Anyways the point is, that's how I came up with this dish. . It really is somerthing so simple to make, but I had to name it something fancy. .  It's quite a simple process, hardly a handful of ingredients, so easy to make, and yet it was such a stunner dish. . Husband whom I can the foodie on duty(like im the chef on duty) thought it was straight out of masterchef and gave me the ceritficate to serve it to guests next time............

 So ingredients time:
Fillets of any firm white fish.
Lime 1
Sweet corn 1/2 cup
Salt, pepper to season
Chopped corriander 2 tbsp
Butter  3 tbsps
Turmeric 1/2tsp

About that fish I used. . Long story. . I told the fish monger I wanted to try some different fish, not the same old seer, king or pomfret. His solution: he gives me some white fish I'd never seen before and he called it coconut fish, saying it'd taste cocnutty. . I googled out and found nothing called coconut fish, but what it came close to in looks and description was the malabar travelly. . About the different names of fish in different languages, I came across this blog and found it very useful. Finally learnt the names, translations of so many fish I could identify only by sight. You must have a look at it. .

So lets get down to cooking

Clean, fillet the fish. . Rub it with some salt, pepper , turmeric and juice of half a lime. I let it marinate for about 15 mins. That's the time I let my oven preheat. . Grill option at 180 . If you dont't want to use the oven, pan fry the fish in the butter sauce, skin side down. . Just make sure you don;t overcook the fish. That''ll make it dry. Fish needs generally needs less than 7 mins to cook. . That's all. I grilled the fish till it turned colour and let it rest.

For the sauce and corn:
First I heated a tbsp of butter and stir fried the corn, till it turned bright yellow. Seasoned it with some salt. Took it off the pan and in the same pan, heated the remaining butter. Let it melt, then added a dash of salt and pepper(since I used unsalted cooking butter), tossed it the juice of 1/2  a lime, the cooked sweet corn and put the grilled fish back into the sauce. Last I added the chopped corriander and turned off the heat almost immediately coz I wanted it to retain its bright green colour. 

To bring it all together I carefully plated it on a white plate, carefully positioning the corn,  fish n corriander and drizzled it all with the butter lime sauce. . And that was YUM. . . .


  1. I tried this one. Also added the spinach/cream from your other grilled fish recipe as a side. Was such a refreshing change