Tuesday, 31 May 2016

(The making of the ) Rose Petal Cake

I had the most fun making this cake. Call it a rose petal cake, ruffled cake, large rose cake, whatever you will. It was the easiest thing to make and the effort was so disproportionate to the end result; so little effort, so much prettiness.

Now, because this was so much fun, I'm posting a short video of the making of this cake. It's not really a tutorial, but just a sneak peek into  how I made this beauty. Maybe the next time you want to decorate a cake, and try something really simple and elegant, you could just grab that petal tip and try this out. Trust me, it'll make you sooo happy. I couldn't stop saying "ooh so pretty" as I made the cake. Of course, I muted my squeaky voice in the video.

I started with a 5 1/2 inch round , red velvet cake. I filled it with cream cheese icing and then crumb coated it in a very rustic way, as you will notice in the video. Don't worry about neatening it up too much, the ruffles cover it any way.

Though I've used cream cheese icing, coz red velvet and cream cheese is a match made in heaven and you don't fight it, you can use regular buttercream icing of a medium stiff consistency. Just colour it to a shade you like and toss it into an icing bag with a petal tip.

And here's the video. Happy video watching!!!!  Rose Petal Cake

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